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Eight-Sided: Hexagonal Prism
HexBlockA Skewb in shape of a hexagonal prism.
HexcentrixThe third hexagonal prism which turns around its corners.
Hexcopter 12 CurvyA hexagonal prism turning on the twelve 90 degree edges.

Hexcopter 12DA hexagonal prism, turning on the 12 short edges.
Hexcopter 18Hexcopter 12 redesigned with three additional cuts resembling Rubik's Cheese and with unbandaged Edge pieces.
HexcopteroidA two-layered hexagonal prism with three different kinds of turns.

Hexed MixupA hexagonal prism two layers high. The central hexagons are not fully split (or: bandaged) to make the puzzle work.
HexFlakeSplit Hex Domino with an additional set of three deep cuts which are NOT parallel to the first.
HexMinx-PrismA megaminx in shape of a hexagonal prism.

HexoidA hexagonal prism with three layers and deeper cuts. Compared with the traditional variant it has two additional types of pieces.
HexP Minx IA megaminx reduced to corner pieces in the shape of a hexagonal prism.
HexP Minx IIA megaminx reduced to corner pieces in the shape of a hexagonal prism. The axis system is tilted compared with the first version.

HexultimateA dino (corner turning) hexagonal prism.
Hourglass PrismA hexagonal prism which disguises extremely well its nature as a corner turning hexahedron.
Junior Hexagonal PrismA 2x2x2 transformed into a hexagonal prism.

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