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Bowtie SkewbA truncated ultimate skewb.
Bowtie's CousinA truncated ultimate skewb. The cuts placed on a different set of edges.
Cane BallA 4x4x4 in a shape resembling the Rhombicuboctahedron.

Capsule CubeAn elongated rhombicuboctahedron. Or a shape variant of the extended-only 3x3x5.
Cartoon Characters RhombicuboctahedronA low-quality 89 mm version featuring various cartoon characters.
Cheesy GemA triaugmented Triangular Prism with the axis system of the edge turning triangular prism. A jumbling only puzzle.

Chimera MegaminxA Megaminx in the shape of a Chimera solid: half of a dodecahedron and half of an icosahedron glued together.
CirqueminxA megaminx truncated into something barrel-like.
Corner turning snub cubeA strange axis system implemented with a puzzle of strange shape.

Crazy AssassinAnother face turning associahedron but this time with circles inside of six faces.
Crystal (aka Diamond) (cartoons)Small taiwanese version with cartoon characters on it.
Crystal (aka Diamond) (monsters)Large Taiwanese version with Pocket Monster cartoon characters on it.

Cubic Megaminx (aka Bowtie Minx)A truncated megaminx.
Curvy CuboctaminxA face turning truncated cuboctahedron. A hybrid combining two different axis systems.
DaYan Gem VIIA mass produced hybrid puzzle which combines face turning and edge turning hexahedron in a solid with 16 sides.

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