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NxNxN: 4x4x4
Windmill AI 2x2x2A heavily bandaged 4x4x4 or a Camouflage 2x2x3 transformed back into cubic shape.
Window CubeA bandaged 4x4x4 similar but not identical to the Burr Cube.
Wonderland Master CubeA knock-offed 4x4x4 from the original cube craze.

Wooden blocks 4x4x4 A Master Mirror Cube created from wood.
Woodenly plated 4x4x4A mass produced 4x4x4 covered with plates of wood.
Wrapped Up CubeA quick and simple but still interesting way to turn a 4x4x4 into a Super Cube.

Zavihura V2A 4x4x4 bandaged highly symmetrically somewhere between a 3x4x4 and a 2x4x4.
Zonk CubeA bandaged 4x4x4 painted based on a science fiction scheme.

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