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Other Shapes: Pucks
Sikkens Rainbow PuckThis Sikkens promotional version of the Rainbow Puck reads "Sikkens" and "Amzo Nobel" in the center.
Skoda Auto PuckThis green promotional version features Skoda Auto.
Slovakia PuckThis version features the Slovakia flag.

Slovakian Hockey Player PuckThis version shows a Hockey player from Slovakia.
Standard Colors Sample PuckMade to demonstrate the available colours for the pucks.
Sunflower PuckThis blue and yellow version features a sunflower.

Suomi PuckDepicting a finnish flag floating in the wind.
Switzerland PuckThis version has a Switzerland flag theme.
Toyota PuckThis version has a United States flag theme which differs slightly from another known one. Custom Puck puzzleA custom printed puck as port of a failed project to produce a puzzle for the website.
Union Jack PuckThis variant depicts the Union Jack on one side and nothing on the other.
USA PuckThis version has a United States flag theme.

USA Puck (black circle)This version has a United States flag theme.

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