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Other Puzzles: Folding
Roundy - Show jumperFour wings, depicting a show jumper.
Roundy - The Clever DiskThree wings, six colours. A version made for self-advertising.
Roundy - The Clever Disk (three colors)Three wings and three colours. This version reads "Roundy The Clever Disk".

Roundy - USA FlagMade in Germany. This version has four wings of four different colors and features a graphic of the U.S. flag.
Roundy - VEMFour Wings, with advertisement for a east german company.
Roundy (six colors)Three wings, six colours.

Roundy (split wings)Four wings and eight colours. Four segments are cut up in halve.
Roundy (three colors)Three wings and three colours.
Roundy (three wings, split up)Three wings and six colours. Three segments are cut up in halve.

Roundy (twelve colours)Three wings, twelve colours, no markings.
Roundy (Verr?ckte)Four wings, four colours, with four nonsense texts in german.
Roundy (Zug)Three wings, one colour, with an unknown advertisement.

Roundy ParapressThree wings, three colours. Advertising for an unknown company.
Rubik kígyóAnother version of Rubik's Snake. This one is in hungarian. and from Rubik Studio.
Rubik's Create The CubeFold the magic puzzle into a cube shape complete with a stand.

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