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Other N-Sided: Twenty
Icosahedron 3x3x3Anthony Greenhill's amazing build-up of a standard 3x3x3 into an icosahedron.
Icosahedron 3x3x3 (truncated only)Another 3x3x3 in shape of an icosahedron. This sample was truncated only.
Icosahedron ImpossiballCreated by Anthony Greenhill. Having never seen even pictures of another one before, he wonders if his is the first in existence.

Icosahedron MegaminxA Megaminx transformed into its dual solid shape.
Icosahedron Mixup CubeA Mixup Cube in a half-regular shape with twenty sides.
IcosaixA face-turning icosahedron. Not the first one but the first to reveal the jumbling geometry of this type of puzzles.

IcosamateA Pentultimate in shape of a icosahedron => A deepcut corner-turning icosahedron.
IcosaUfoAn Ufo in shape of an icosahedron.
IcoSharon SkewbIcoSharon Skewb - this shape got 20 faces, 8 identical equilateral triangular faces and 12 Sharp angle triangles. Made from a Skewb Ultiamte and filled with Black epoxy sculpt.

IcosmominxAn icosahedron with four cuts between two tips. The cutting depths were combined from the Icosaminx and Astrominx.
Large Icosahedron MegaminxAn icosahedron megaminx custom made from a bandaged Gigaminx.
Master DogicDesigned after the Dogic but with different cutting depths.

Master IcosahedronA Masterball in shape of an icosahedron.
Master Icosahedron MegaminxCombines the cuts of an icosahedrin Impossiball and an icosahedron megaminx. An abandonded prototype.
Master IcosamateA Master Pentultimate in the shape of an icosahedron.

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