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Other N-Sided: Twenty
Dogic 2 (10 colors)A Dogic reassembled to have a different colour layout.
Dogic I (12 colors)Probably the most sought after of all Twisty Puzzles which went in mass production.
Dogic III (5 Colors)One of the color variants Mefferts sold during his run of Dogics.

Dogic IV (2 color)Mefferts first variant with two different colors.
Dogic TeraminxAn Elite Kilominx in the shape of an icosahedron with some pieces hidden.
DOGIC UltimateThe deeper cuts of a dogic combined with the cuts of a Icosamate. A corner turning icosahedron with four layers.

Dogic V (2 colours)Mefferts second variant with two different colours.
Dogic VI (20 colours)Mefferts variant with twenty different colours.
Dual Layer IcosahedronA DLI - A dual layer corner turning icosahedron.

Earth IcosahedronEarth icosahedron is a icosahedral kilominx, with stickers of the globe earth.
EHTA Pentultimate in shape of an icosahedron combined with edge turns. The latter turns are also available if the Pentultimate turns are in midturn.
Eitan's NebulaHigher order face turning icosahedron. a.k.a. Master Eitan's Star - a.k.a. Master FTI

Elite IcosamateA corner turning icosahedron with three cuts per axis.
Evgeniy IcosahedronA redesigned and mass produced Dogic.
Face and Corner Turning IcosahedronAn icosahedron which allows faceturns and cornerturns.

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