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Other N-Sided: Twenty
Bump Radiolarion 3A bumped version of the Radiolarian 3.
Cat's Cradle - (Radiolarian 5)The 5th entry in the series of Radiolarians, all face turning icosahedrons.
Centerless Icosaminx"Voided" version of the icosahedron megaminx.

Cheese CrystalA one-layer cheese with 10 segments in shape of a rhombic icosahedron, a shortened rhombi triacontahedron.
CheesecosahedronA 3-layer-cheese in shape of a platonic solid. In this case it is an icosahedron.
Circo-Radiolarian (Radiolarian 2)The first face turning icosahedron with planar cuts.

Clover Icosahedron D1The concept of the Clover Cube applied to an icosahedron but with an aditional set of doctrinaire axis.
Coin IcosahedronAn icosahedron that combines face and corner turns into a hybrid axis system in the easiest possible configuration.
Cornered RadiolarianThe follow-up to Radiolarian I. This time including corner pieces.

Crazy IcosahedronA face turning icosahedron (comparable to Radio Canon) with circles on the faces.
Curvy Copter III IcosahedronCurvy Copter III truncated into the shape of an icosahedron.
Decagonal Diyparamid SkewbA skewb in the namegiving shape.

DeFTIA Deeper Face Turning Icosahedron. The short form of this gives the puzzle its name.
Dino IcosahedronAn icosahedron designed to have only edge pieces, like the Dino Cube.
Dogic (11 colors)Mefferts variant with two white tips.

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