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Other N-Sided: Twenty
Circo-Radiolarian (Radiolarian 2)The first face-turning icosahedron with planar cuts.
Clover Icosahedron D1The concept of the Clover Cube applied to an icosahedron but with an aditional set of doctrinaire axis.
Cornered RadiolarianThe follow-up to Radiolarian I. This time including corner pieces.

Crazy IcosahedronA face turning icosahedron (comparable to Radio Canon) with circles on the faces.
Curvy Copter III IcosahedronCurvy Copter III truncated into the shape of an icosahedron.
Decagonal Diyparamid SkewbA skewb in the namegiving shape.

DeFTIA Deeper Face-Turning Icosahedron. The short form of this gives the puzzle its name.
Dogic (11 colors)Mefferts variant with two white tips.
Dogic 2 (10 colors)A Dogic reassembled to have a different colour layout.

Dogic I (12 colors)Probably the most sought after of all Twisty Puzzles which went in mass production.
Dogic III (5 Colors)One of the color variants Mefferts sold during his run of Dogics.
Dogic IV (2 color)Mefferts first variant with two different colors.

DOGIC UltimateThe deeper cuts of a dogic combined with the cuts of a Icosamate. A corner-turning icosahedron with four layers.
Dogic V (2 colours)Mefferts second variant with two different colours.
Dogic VI (20 colours)Mefferts variant with twenty different colours.

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