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Square-1 (3 layers)
Hex-1A Square-1 truncated into the shape of a hexagonal dipyramid
Hex-2A handmade Square-2 truncated into the shape of a hexagonal dipyramid.
Hexagon-1A Square-1 with a different shape and differently segmented pieces.

Icosa-1A Square-1 transformed into the shape of an icosahedron. Compared with Greenhill's icosahedron it is slightly "axised"
Icosidodecahedron Square-1Extensions were designed to give a Square-1 the shape of the icosidodecahedron which is a archimedean solid.
Inverse-1The concept of the Square-1 got inverted in this puzzle. A closely relative to the Split 1x2x3 III but with eight segments.

Inverse-2A similar puzzle to the Inverse-1 but the edges on the middle layer were split into two halves.
Kite-1A Square-1 reassembled to trade the solved shape with the original shape after one turn.
Large Square-1 (112 mm)A Square-1 with twice the edge length of a normal sample.

Marcos HT Square-1A Square-1 in midturn, reshaped and truncated into an half truncated cube.
Marcos PyramidA Square-1 in midturn and afterwards reshaped into a tetrahedron.
Marcos Square-1A Square-1 in midturn and afterwards reshaped into a cube.

Marvin (aka Half-Truncated Square-1)A half truncated Square-1.
Mega ChallengerAnother mass produced variant of Square-1
MF8 Square-1MF8s version from 2007. Produced in five different colors.

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