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Square-1 (3 layers)
SquarhedronA Square-1 (or more precise: a Star Prism) in shape of an octahedron.
Squarrel-1 (bandaged Square-1 octagonal barrel)A bandaged Square-1 in shape of an octagonal prism.
Star PrismA very attractive Square-1 mod.

Stochastic Cutting CubeA Square-1 (or better: a Star Prism of the Square-1) transformed into hexahedral shape while in midturn.
Super CubixVirtually (if not exactly) identical to the orignial Square-1.
Tetra Pyramid-1A Square-1 truncated into the shape of Tetra Pyramid.

Time Clock RainbowA Square-2 in shape of a barrel.
Time Clock SQ2A Square 2 with three layers in shape of a cylinder.
Tipi 3The Star Prism transformed into the shape of a hexagonal pyramid.

Tri-1A piece shuffle between two Square-1s. Newly stickered.
Tri-Square-1Several pieces of a Square-1 were exchanged and the result was modified back into a cube.
Triang-1A Square-1 transformed into the shape of triangular prism.

Triangle-1Several pieces of a Square-1 were exchanged and the result was modified into a triangular prism.
Triple IQ1393 pucks stacked upon each other to form a new 3-layered puzzle. This time with totally distinguishable pieces.
Turbine CubeA heavily bandaged Square-1 designed from scratch.

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