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Single connected pieces
Rubik's CbueA very tiny 1x1x3 which pretends to be a Mini cube. Please note the spelling error on the packaging.
Rubik's Perplexus FusionA 1x1x3 with parts of a marble labyrinth in it.
Sesame Street BarrelHexagonal barrel showing 6 figures from the famous childrens TV-series. Came in versions with red and blue body.

Seven Dwarves MugA mug with images of the seven dwarves without snowwhite. Not a real puzzle as the three rings do not interact with each other.
Space PyramidTetrahedron consisting only out of trivial tips.
Spin BlockA Fidget Spinner pretending to be a Floppy cube but it is just a 1x1x3.

Swarovski Cube PendantA necklace sized 3x3x3 cube that functions like a 1x1x3. Apparently created by the Swarovski Crystal company.
Tangram BlockA trivial puzzle which can reach funny states. The tangram block can bandage on some moves.

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