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Hi! welcome to my collection! Not very big (yet) and if it is then i was too lazy to change this text :D


Black Cube with Round Stickers Made myself with cheap round yardsale price tag stickers
Rubik's Cube (2000 version) Rubik's cube from walmart. Not the best but it turns very smoothly
White DIY White DIY cube


4x4x4 Magic Puzzle East Sheen's 2002 4x4x4 cube.


Megaminx (1999) This version has tiles instead of stickers. Has 12 distinct colors.


Pyraminx (rounded corners) The black 1981 Meffert version. Mine has tiles instead of stickers


Puzzle Pens 14 cm puzzle pens. The one i own is the yellow one.


Custom 2x2 magic puzzle Made myself after my magic broke. Solved when frowny face, or happy face is complete.

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