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I've been building and buying Rubik's cubes since I bought my first cube in 2009 or so. Here is my collection so far:


2x2x2 Magic Puzzle Quantity: 1 East Sheen's 2002 2x2x2 cube.


Gift Cube / Treasure Chest Quantity: 1 A cube which is hollow and can be opened when solved.
ITC Rubik's Cube (US packaging III) Quantity: 1 The third of the three different Ideal 1980 U.S. packages. With a transparent sticker carrying the logo.
Rubik's Cube Key Chain (Ideal) Quantity: 1 The original 1982 Rubik's Cube Key Chain by Ideal.


Rubik's Revenge (ITC) Quantity: 1 Follow up to the Rubik's cube, as shown by its name. Produced in 1982 and 1983 by Ideal Toy Corporation in Korea, Macau and Hong Kong.


5x5x5 Magic Puzzle Quantity: 1 East Sheen's 2002 5x5x5 cube.
V-Cube 5 Quantity: 1 Five layered cube

6X6X6 & UP

V-CUBE 6 Quantity: 1 The first mass produced 6x6x6. A six layered cube.
V-CUBE 7 Quantity: 1 The first 7x7x7. A seven layered cube.


Dinosaur Rubik's Cube - 6 Colour (aka: Dino Cube) Quantity: 1 The most basic corner-turning hexahedron. This version has six colours.
Fadi Cube Quantity: 1 A twisty puzzle cube that turns around its corners. It has five layers per throughgoing axes.
Helicopter Cube (aka Bevel Cube) Quantity: 1 An edge-turning hexahedron.

Master Skewb Quantity: 1 An incredible creation by Katsuhiko Okamoto. A very rare puzzle for many years it became mass produced in 2011.
Rex cube Quantity: 1 A corner-turning hexahedron. Very similar to the MasterSkewb but without its corners.
Skewb Quantity: 1 The skewb is a very solid and satisfying puzzle to play with.

Void Skewb - Holey Skewb Quantity: 1 A Skewb with holes and modified core.


Caution Cube Quantity: 1 A Rubik's Cube with edges that turn by gears.
Fisher's Golden Cube Quantity: 1 All the stickers on this 78 mm modified Skewb are the same reflective golden colour. There is only one solution.
Gear Shift Quantity: 1 A 3-D puzzle solely based on gears.

Micro Axis Cube Quantity: 1 A very popular shape transformation of the 3x3x3 dramatically reduced in size.
Quirky Cube Quantity: 1 A puzzle which reminds one of the Square-1 but introduces a whole set of changes to the original set.


2x2x3 (aka: Slim Tower) Quantity: 1 A formerly custom now mass produced 2x2x3 cuboid, commonly known as the "Slim Tower"
2x3x3 Quantity: 1 Custom 2x3x3 cuboid, made from a 3x3x3.
3x4x5 Quantity: 1 The long awaited bigger brother of the 2x3x4.

4x4x6 Quantity: 1 A fully functional and fully proportional 4x4x6 made from a 4x4x4.


Curvy Octahedral Megaminx Quantity: 1 A megaminx in octahedral shape. It is not a shape transformation but designed from scratch.
Skewb Diamond Quantity: 1 Meffert's build-up and truncation of a Skewb into an octahedron.


Mystruncated Cube Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 equivalent to the fused cube. It was radically truncated.


Holey / Void Megaminx Quantity: 1 The Holey Megaminx or Void Megaminx - inspired by the Void Cube this is a megaminx without centres.
Megaminx Quantity: 1 Meffert's version from 1982 with six colours.
Pyraminx Crystal Quantity: 2 Essentially a Deeper cut megaminx at heart, the Pyraminx crystal adds a new twist to the classic puzzle.

Skewb Ultimate Quantity: 1 A dodecahedron build up from a Skewb.


Curvy Rhombic Dodecahedral Megaminx Quantity: 1 A cast Rhombic Dodecahedral variant of the Megaminx.


Professor Pyraminx Quantity: 1 Five-layer pyraminx in pillowed tetrahedron shape.
Pyraminx (rounded corners) Quantity: 1 The black 1981 Meffert version.
Pyraminx (Tomy 1981) Quantity: 1 The 1981 Tomy version.


Half Truncated Cube Quantity: 1 A standard 3x3x3 with four truncated corners.


Bump Cuboctahedron Quantity: 1 A Bump Cube (aka Mirrorblocks) truncated into a cuboctahedron.
Concept 11 - DaYan Gem III Quantity: 1 A hybrid puzzle in the most appropriate shape of a truncated octahedron.
DaYan Gem I Quantity: 1 An edge-turning hexahedron transformed into the shape of a truncated octahedron which is an archimedean solid.

Fractured Rainbow 3x3x3 Quantity: 1 A 3x3x3 truncated on all eight corners in a strange but symmetric way.
Truncated Face-turning Octahedron - Lanlan Magic Jewel Quantity: 1 A face-turning octahedron with truncated tips.


Alphaminx Quantity: 1 The first puzzle in a series of Truncated Kleetopes -- this version is a Truncated Triakis Tetrahedron.
Rock Quantity: 1 A 2x3x3 truncated into a random assymmetrical shape.


Circusmaster Masterball Quantity: 1 Depicts various circus scenes.
Geomaster Masterball (aka: Rainbow) Quantity: 1 The most colourful and the most widely sought-after of the Masterball variations.


Stickered Tripod Quantity: 1 A Platypus dyed and stickered to change the look into that of a classic puzzle.


Missing Link Key Chain Quantity: 1 The 1982 official Rubik's Missing Link Key Chain released by Ideal. This puzzle stands 60 mm tall excluding the keychain, and the keychain's plastic attachement loop.
Whip-It (3 layers) Quantity: 1 This 3x6 Whip-It stands approximately 7 mm tall. Produced in Macau. Original LJN Whip-Its were made in Hong Kong.


Cubie Chaos 1 Quantity: 1 A small number of Eastsheen 2x2x2s joined and extended to form a 2x4x5 block which poses a new kind of challenge.

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