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Execube This beautiful cube was created using thick wooden tiles from six different distinctive species of wood.
Hollow Cube A 3x3x3 made mostly out of air.
Mini Rubik's Cube - French edition Packaging labeled with french text.

Rubik's Cube (Arxon) Arxon's german edition.
Rubik's Cube Key Ring (Rubik's Studio) A Mini Rubik's Cube, produced by Rubik's Studio.
Wonderful Key Chain A Wonderful Puzzler keychain with normal colours.


Keyboard 3x3x3 Cube A standard 3x3x3 with keyboard keys attached. It is available in different colours. A bandaged version also exists.
Maze Cube (3x3x3) A 3x3x3 custom sticker variation, filled with mathematical considerations, which shows a single closed loop line on it.
Rubik's Perpetual Calendar - German German version. "Rubik's Kalender Cube" "Immerwährender Kalender"


Rubik's Master Cube (French) ITCs version for the whole world except usa in french package.


Mixup 5x5x5 The bigger cousin of the Mixup Cube. A fudged and jumbling puzzle.
Rubik's Wahn Early Arxon version.


Overlapping Cube A combination between a 4x4x4 and a 5x5x5.
Redi Cube A twisty puzzle cube that turns around its corners. A faceless Compy Cube.
Skewb The skewb is a very solid and satisfying puzzle to play with.


Caution Cube A Rubik's Cube with edges that turn by gears.
Fisher Cube Taking the concept of the Rubik's cube and turning it 45 degrees.
Fisher's Golden Cube All the stickers on this 78 mm modified Skewb are the same reflective golden colour. There is only one solution.

Gear Shift A 3-D puzzle solely based on gears.
Mixup 2x4x4 Looks like a 2x4x4 but like the Mixup Cube allows strange moves.


1x2x2 It is not a boob cube but a boob can solve this one too.
1x2x3 Square-1 A prismatic puzzle in cuboidal shape.
2x3x4 (shape-changing) Yet another Tony Fisher masterpiece. The first fully functional irregular cuboid ever.

2x3x4 (shape-changing) Yet another Tony Fisher masterpiece. The first fully functional irregular cuboid ever.
3x3x5 II Version from a 5x5x5.
4x6x8 Also known as "Another Ultimate Shape Shifter". Another entry in the ever growing field of fully functional cuboids.

Container The Container is a Skewb mod produced by Tony Fisher.
Floppy 2x3x3 A twisty puzzle with corners that hang in the air.
Magic Domino The 1982 Politoys version with a spindle mechanism.

Mental Block Today this can be considered as one of Tony Fisher's classical Skewb modifications.


More Madness The deeper cut cousin of the Meteor Madness. A jumbling-only puzzle.
More Madness The deeper cut cousin of the Meteor Madness. A jumbling-only puzzle.


Edges Only Trajbers Octahedron A Traijbers Octahedron without the tips.
Eitan's Edge-Turning Octahedron The octahedral equivalent of the Curvy Copter II.
Face-Turning Octahedron The first face-turning octahedron with straight cuts.

Gear Corner-Turning Octahedron Geared version of a Magic Octahedron.
Giant Trajbers Octahedron A 3x3x3 cube truncated and extended into an octahedron. Way bigger than the mass produced version.
Holey Octahedron A void Trajber's Octahedron. Rather than having holes at the tips, this one has holes in the faces.

Magic Octahedron (P.G. Continental) The P.G. Continental version.
Magic Octahedron (P.G. Continental) The P.G. Continental version.
Master Face-Turning Octahedron Correctly proportional Master (4-layer) Face-Turning Octahedron.


Hexed Mixup A hexagonal prism two layers high. The central hexagons are not fully split (or: bandaged) to make the puzzle work.


Tetraminx The official Meffert Tetraminx.


Megaminx (1999) This version has tiles instead of stickers. Has 12 distinct colors.
Megaminx (Tomy) Tomy's twelve colour 1982 version.
Skewb Ultimate A dodecahedron build up from a Skewb.


Rhombic Dodecahedron Built on a Skewb mechanism by Tony Fisher.


Master Pyraminx An incredible creation by Katsuhiko Okamoto which later made it into a mass production.
Mini Pyramids This knock-off measures 52 mm along an edge.
Pyramid Puzzler Keychain A Pyraminx clone that measures exactly 50 mm along an edge.

Pyraminx (Tomy 1981) The 1981 Tomy version.
Pyramorphix Clone A low quality clone, decorated with reflective stickers.
Rubik's Triamid Arrange the ten pieces by breaking them into two groups and putting them back together again.


Jumble Prism An idea of Bram Cohen finally comes to life after 5 years.


Chilen Cube A two-layered pentagonal prism with spherical cuts.


Half Truncated Cube A standard 3x3x3 with four truncated corners.


Christoph's Magic Jewel A very rare truncated Octahedron.
Fisher's Truncated Octahedron (aka: Skewb Hex) This gorgeous puzzle is actually a truncated Skewb Diamond.
Flowered Jewel Also known as "Jewel Puzzler"

Rainbow Cube A beautiful (but simple) puzzle closely related to the Dino Cube!


Dogic Probably the most sought after of all Twisty Puzzles which went in mass production.
Icosahedron Icosahedron Built on the skewb mechanism by Tony Fisher.
Icosaix A face-turning icosahedron. Not the first one but the first to reveal the jumbling geometry of this type of puzzles.


ETRT An Edge-Turning Rhombic Triacontahedron.


Black & Yellow Puck (aka: Radioactive) This version has alternating black and yellow wedges, and a smilie face on the center of the opposite side.
Christmas Bell Puck This version shows a typical Christmas bell with holly.
Czech Puck This version shows a Czech-themed crest.

Germany Puck This version shows the colors of the German flag and the "Bundesadler" (=federal eagle).
I Love You Puzzle Puck This version shows the text "I Love You Puzzle".
IQ 139 Puck One of the numerous sticker/colour variations of the hockey puck puzzle.


Basketball Mach Finommechanika version. The text reads: "Official Basketball".
Geomaster Masterball (aka: Rainbow) The most colourful and the most widely sought-after of the Masterball variations.
Globe Puzzle A very low quality 3x3x3 puzzle.

Impossiball (aka: Incrediball) A unique dodecahedral puzzle.
Lion King Puzzleball II This version shows Mufasa, Sarabi, Timon and Pumba in 3D relief.
Logi-VIP (aka: VIP Sphere) Each piece has a unique colour, arrange from lightest to darkest. Functions similar to the Masterball, but with only one vertical slice.

Magic Ball (aka: Rubik's Sphere) - 58 mm One of the spherical Rubiks cubes produced during the original cube craze. A derivative of the Wonderful Puzzler.
Mickey's Challenge Puzzleball This puzzleball features embossed Mickey and Donald characters.
Minimal Twist A skewb so minimalistic that it is impossible to be stickered.

Thomas Ball The original version with twelve coloured rings.


Alexander's Star A confusing 12 sided puzzle, closely related to the Megaminx.
Dodecadodecahedron Skewb A skewb in the shape of he namegiving solid.


Darth Maul Head A 2x2x2 puzzle in the shape of Darth Maul's head.
Homer Simpson Head A 2x2x2 puzzle in the shape of Homer Simpson's head.
Rubik's Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader Head A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.

Rubik's Darth Sidious / Count Dooku Head A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.
Rubik's Jango Fett / Clone Trooper Head A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.
Rubik's Obi Wan Head A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.

Rubik's R2D2 / C3P0 Head A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.
Rubik's Senator Amidala / Princess Leia Head A 2x2x2 puzzle with the shape of two characters from Star Wars Episode II.


Crystal Cube - Small Meteor A 3x3x3 cube with dramatically shaved down corners and center cubie attachments.


Back Spin / Loophole A mix between the moving hole puzzles and the two-layer UFO puzzles.
Inversion A sliding blocks puzzle with only edges and corners.
Ivory Tower One of the more successful puzzles from the original cube craze.

Virus I A difficult modification of the 15 Puzzle.


Astrolabacus A unique ball puzzle. Sold in small quantities online.
Babylon Tower Key Chain This version is 44 mm tall and has a key ring attached.
Cmetrick 9 spheres arranged in a 3x3 square. Spin rows and columns to position them in the same orientation.

Entrapment A strange puzzle with moving marbles that came in two different versions.
Mad Triad Ten overlapping wheels. Each with six segments.
Orb (aka: Orb-It) (english versions) A bead-moving puzzle that came in at least four different versions. The non-english versions have their own entry.

Ten Billion Barrel An impossibly hard ball moving puzzle.


Awesome Octo Rubik's like ring shaped puzzle. The puzzle turns the upper and lower half of the ring. The colors are separated in four sections.
Gerdig UFO Spin the top/bottom half to mix the satellites, then use the central plunger to flip one, two, three or four satellites over.
King Ring Similar to a Sando Ring.

Mystic I.Q. Ball (aka: Chromo Ball, Chromosix) The tiles slide on three tracks, like the Equator or Hungarian Globe, but the colored disks (and five tiles) rotate as well.


Cubie Chaos 1 A small number of Eastsheen 2x2x2s joined and extended to form a 2x4x5 block which poses a new kind of challenge.
Cubie Chaos 2 A small number of Eastsheen 2x2x2s joined and extended to form a 3x4x4 block which poses a new kind of challenge.
Dumbbell Cube Two 3x3x3s connected with a complex mechanism. Every turned side is followed by one side of the other cube.

Dumbbell Skewb Two Skewbs (or better: Holey Skewbs) connected with a complex mechanism. Every turn is followed by one turn of the other Skewb.
Rubik's Fusion Cube The Rubik's Fusion Cube® is constructed out of Dual original 3x3 Rubik's Cubes®. This puzzle shares 2 cubes between them and offers a nice challenge for the puzzle solver in you. This puzzle turns on all free slices. From the Duane Cash Cube Collection.


Kibble Cube Not really a twisty puzzle. Somewhat similar to a Rubik's Snake.
Mini Hearts Magic 1/4 size of regular magic.
Rubik's Create The Cube Fold the magic puzzle into a cube shape complete with a stand.

Rubik's Magic (Matchbox) The 1986 black Matchbox version.
Rubik's Master Magic The 12 panel, five ring Magic by Matchbox.


Luminations Four vertices with three lights each. These can be switched by rotation the whole puzzle. These changed are used to play a number of different games.
Orbix A spherical version of Lights Out.


Rubik's Dice A great little puzzle that keep you busy for hours!
Rubik's Rabbit (aka: Rubik's Hat) Rotate the layers until all rabbits can be seen through the top of the hat when held up to a bright light.


Planets Four balls in a frame. Craters on each ball block and unblock rotation of the adjacent balls.
Rubik's Clock Point all 18 clocks to 12 to solve.
Spinout Try and remove the inner sliding mechanism, blocked by knobs you can only turn one at a time.


Rubik's Game Create a row of 3 pegged squares of ONE of your colors - vertically, horizontally or diagonally, on one side of the Cube.
Rubik's Illusion Two-player game which makes use of a mirror.

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