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Meffert's Master Cube
I received my Meffert's mastercube a few days ago and my first impressions were very good. I already own an original 1982 Ideal Revenge but the two puzzles have a completely different feel. The Ideal model is very tight (being mint) and I really didn't want to mess it up. So it sits happily in its box.

When the mastercube arrived, the first thing I noticed was how smooth the turning action was, and how solid it feels. You really could use this baby for 4x4x4 speed cubing. Maybe we should get some results for this. The tiles are nice. I would have placed the colours in a different order but that's just a personal preference.

The only incident that occured with the cube was a white tile coming off. But this was because one of my friends bit it off (he does strange things like that) so that's not a discredit to the manufacturing. A drop of rubber contact cement and we're away again. It's good to know that the tiles are not super glued on. This way, you can change the configuration if you want.

I'm hanging to see whch mechanism was used in this thing, Sebesteny's or Tibor's. Has anyone opened theirs? I haven't been game to do it to mine.

I've had a lot of fun with this thing and it feels kind of good that the 4x4x4's are back in steady demand. Maybe the days of cubing are really returning. If you would like info on where to buy, head on over to Meffert's site.

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